Okay, so these will be regular mentor Games, but there will be only Career tributes. These will be shorter than most, since only about one fourth of the tributes are going to be in. Anyway, there will be 12 tributes, and I'll add spots if other people want in. If I don't get enough people in in two days, I'll open a second spot for everyone.

Name District Tribute to Kill Mentor
Cashmere 1
Glimmer 1
Gloss 1
Marvel 1
Brutus 2
Cato 2
Clove 2
Enobaria 2
Lyme 2
Annie Cresta 4
Finnick Odair 4
Mags 4

The Games

I will decide if I want to do POVs or not. You guys can ask to have them or not.

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