Epic Hobo

aka Aurora and Venus

  • I live in Panem, District 1 or 2, depends what kind of day it is.
  • My occupation is Aurora-Victor/Rebel/Lunatic Venus - Tribute/Rebel/Rainbow/Ninja Assassin/Unicorn
  • I am We are quite Female thank you
  • Epic Hobo

    In the Hunger Games movie I think they left out a pretty important detail. Haymitch said that the Tributes from 1, and 2 were Careeers not teh Trbiteus from 1,2 and 4. I think that they should've said 4.

    In the movie, Katniss killed Glimmer with the tracker jackers. In the book, Katniss killed both the District 4 Female and Glimmer.

    I think it was pretty important that 4 was a Career tribute because Finnick adn Mags were in the 75th Hunger Games and in thier previous games they were Career tributes and that's how they won. I think that the people that made the movie will have to write in Catching Fire that District 4 Tributes are usually Careers.

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