Mags was a woman from District 4 who won a Hunger Games, probably between the 7th and 13th Games, and competed in the 75th Hunger Games, too. She volunteered for Annie Cresta, since Annie was insane. Mags was around 80 years old when she was in these Games. She was allied with Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick, and was the first to die out of the four, and the only to die during those Games.


Mags placed 15th in the 75th Hunger Games. When a poisonous fog came to their camp, Mags couldn't run fast enough because of age, and Peeta couldn't because of injuries. Katniss carried Mags, while Finnick carried Peeta, but Mags became to heavy for Katniss, so Mags kissed Finnick, and ran to her death.

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